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How It Works

Megabite makes sending and receiving files as simple as possible. Send us your .stl or .dcm scans through our easy-to-use portal on this website. You can enter information about the case while uploading the files.

Once we have completed your designs, your files will be in your personal ‘Log in’ area to download.

Our designs are catered for your laboratory. When you create your profile with us, we ask you some questions that ensure you get the results you want. Do this when you create your account here.

The video below shows you how easy it is to create an account and upload your files. But if you do have any issues, we’re always happy to help you.

Good To Know

  • In order for Megabite to provide you with consistant results, our team will adhere to your design settings you provided us with when you created your account. If however, you require a design with a specific design feature, such as a metal backing, please indicate this in the instructions for that case. This helps us give you the results you want.

  • For implant cases, please indicate the make and size of implants used and at which loactions. This allows us to get the designs back to you without delay.

  • Although our files are stored on a secure server, we do appreciate it if patient details are not included with the case. We prefer to work from Patient codes or ticket numbers.

  • For larger cases, it would be beneficial to provide us with the gender of the patient in the instructions. This allows us to choose an appropriate tooth library for the case.